Big hearts giving big money…

There are bike rides. There are 5K’s, 10K’s, marathons, triathlons, and there are walks that cover the globe for cancer.  Huge amounts of money are donated by participants and their families and friends who have more than likely been touched by cancer.  You’ve probably been asked to donate to remember a loved one or a friend.  I know I have. many times every year.

Have our dollars made a difference?  I’d like to think they have.  I’d like to think one of my dollars went to the lab that watched a certain cell divide differently and that started a string of discoveries that is now saving lives or at least giving some one with cancer a better quality of life.  That’s where my ‘donation imagination’ goes.

Big hearts giving big money to give the men and women in lab coats the supplies they need to make those discoveries that will change how we treat this disease.

Most of us in this community are what I call ‘all-around supporters.”  We’ve given at home, as care givers, we’ve given through our checkbooks and most of all we’ve given with our lives.  Our lives have changed because of cancer.

I’m not sure I hold out the hope for “cure” any more and maybe that’s because I’ve seen cancer up close and personal,  but I know I expect big changes in how cancer researchers recommend we fight the disease in the future.

If it takes a bunch more bike rides or walks or runs to get that done, bring’em  on.


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