Lucky Us..

Do you realize we’re rounding the corner and heading into the home stretch of the 6th year of ‘OUR Cancer?’

We’ve talked about so many pieces of cancer world.  I think we’ve come to realize cancer isn’t just cancer, but life, death, treatment, survival, research.

It touches families, patients, care givers, doctors, nurses, researchers.  It effects lives, jobs, futures, hopes and the ability to dream. It changes us, all of us.

It creates communities of hope, endurance, and new friendships.  It breaks us down, tears us down and builds on strengths we never knew we had.

It challenges us to persevere.  It takes away and then stands back to watch as we begin to rebuild.

It does all these things to each of us and yet, we couldn’t get through any of it if we didn’t have each other.

We are so lucky.


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