Looking gooooood….

I haven’t seen my neighbor in quite a while.  She’s been going through treatment for breast cancer and early on she decided her battle would be between her and her cancer.  It would be a one-on-one, toe- to- toe slug it out fight.  She had wonderful support from her family but she kept her circle small.  She’d see her pals later, after months of treatment to talk about it then.

Our visit was short and sweet.  She looked good, all though she said her new hair, now silver and very short is not what she was prepared to see now that the chemo is leaving her body and she’s starting to heal.  “I have gray hair!” I told her that gray was a good color for her, but I don’t think she’s buying it.

Her energy is slowly returning, just like life.  She’s getting out more, taking in the world she left behind so many months ago.

She’s a different person now.  Cancer causes that, but she still had that dynamite smile and I could hear the energy in her voice fighting to overcome the fatigue.

She’s on her way back.

I told her how happy I was to see her and she smiled and said, “I’m SO happy to see you too.”

I think she meant it.

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