7 years…

20151021_175054_resizedI sit here looking out over a peaceful Pacific.  She is rolling toward shore in a syncopated pattern of ripples and waves.

The sand is hot on my feet and the beach is welcoming as it always is on my island.  I’m back where I feel the warm, velvet-like salt air and I feel her wrap her arms around me like an old friend’s hug.

I can see Lanai, a neighboring island across the ocean and the clouds are gathering as the afternoon moves along.  Lanai is beginning to look like she’s wearing a hat of white, puffy clouds that will no doubt bring rain to her thirsty hills later today.

But it’s the ocean I’m concentrating on today.  7 years ago this afternoon, I was paddling out to sea to scatter Leroy’s ashes.  His wish: my promise to him: granted on all levels.

That afternoon the wind was blowing so hard and I was paddling against the tide.  The swells were strong, but I was so determined.

Today, I understand even more, the importance of fulfilling that request.



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