Finding our way…

20151021_082907_resizedWalking over the lava rock on  my island I think about how long ago these islands were formed.  I think about how many footsteps have walked over this path ahead of me?

These paths, are ancient trails where conversations and lives were formed.   Some of us have used these rocky routes to help find our way before, during and after a life changing event.

Leroy and I used to walk on the cooled lava of Maui and talk about what was to come: cancer had changed our dreams and plans.  We reminisced here, remembering so many wonderful visits to our special place.  We’d made great friends, watched memorable sunsets, Maui was our island.  The last trip here was filled with mixed emotions.  A parting for him so emotional: like saying good-bye to a special friend.

So now, even years later, this island still reaches out to me.  I walk, searching, and she helps me find my way.

O’oia Eho’okokua Wau Ike Ala  “She helps me find my way”

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