Hello again…Hali’a Aloha

The ocean is perfect today.

A deep, clean, clear blue that you only see off of Maui.  Like a big blue carpet that rolls in sync with the Pacific trade winds, she rolls to the shore line with a final foamed finish.  It’s a perfect ocean day.

And it is on this day, that I’ll paddle out to say “Hello” to the spirit of a man who changed my life.  We were good together.  We loved this place, together.  We still connect here every year since cancer took his life.  He rests in this ocean, his spirit, I’m not so sure.  He loved adventure.  He loved travel.  He loved Maui, so I’m pretty sure his ocean carries his spirit to places near and far.

But today, I’m hoping he knows I’m reaching out to say “Hello again”

Hali’a Aloha…Cherished memory.


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