Hope is where you find it.

The waves are still very vivid in my memory.  The color of the water, the blue sky, the rainbows in their mystical splendor seem to carry a message of serenity and peace as they grow brighter as the sun shines through the rain upcountry on Maui and splashes over the Pacific for just a brief moment.

This island of tranquility is my friend.  It gives me a connection to Leroy: to a life I lived so long ago: to my beginnings.

When ever I return to the tall trees and canal walks, I’m always different.  The time change is enough to make me a little loopy for a few days, but somewhere deep inside me, I’m different.  I see the world differently.  I look at the cancer patients at the cancer center and I see them differently too.  My compassion for what they are going through is deeper.  I relate to their ordeal and how their lives have changed.  I know they come to the center not just for treatment, but to keep HOPE alive.  This is where they look to their doctors and nurses, hoping they will have the magic formula that will keep them alive.

We; Leroy and I, were there once.  I remember so clearly how our HOPE evolved just like the cancer evolved.

Maybe that’s part of why I make my journey to Maui every year?  I’m seeking HOPE too.  Not the same kind of HOPE I looked for at the cancer center, but as we all know, HOPE shows itself in many different ways.

Maybe that’s why those rainbows are so special.

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