A simple explanation…

This one goes out to the cancer doctors and nurses who take such good care of us, patient and care giver.

This one is all about the simple explanation that can go miles in helping the patient heal faster and the care giver improve on their care giving.

Speak ENGLISH! Simple, easy to understand instructions following treatment or surgery or a simple explanation of what’s to come following treatment or surgery; it’s so important to those of us who don’t live in the medical world of cancer.

A friend just had surgery.  It was laparoscopic surgery, so the healing time should be a little less challenging, but it’s still surgery.

Her doctor told her how well he thought it went, but once the pathology report was complete, the real results would be known. She said she understood a few words in his description of the X’s and O’s of the procedure, but instead of asking he to translate, she decided to wait for the lab report.

There was no follow up on how important it was that my friend take precautions and stay hydrated.  No one suggested that she take short walks to promote healing.  I guess they handed her a sheet of paper that mentioned these things.  Who reads those papers stuffed in a folder when you leave the hospital?

Besides the importance of this, it’s also a good way for doctor and patient to strengthen their relationship.  Clear, easy directions from doctor to patient says “you care.”  It opens dialogue and promotes conversation at the next meeting.

It’s so simple.  And, it means so much.  When you’re in cancer world, your doctor or nurse becomes your lifeline to living.  Communication is the key in all of that.


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