It’s all about the waiting…

It’s agony.

You’ve heard the words “You have cancer.”  Now what?  The questions swirling around in your head need answers and getting to those answers quickly is key.  So why is it, when time matters the most, it moves the slowest?

Scheduling tests or procedures to determine what the cancer is and where it’s taken up residence in your body, seems to take so long.  Shouldn’t this be urgent? Shouldn’t this part of the process be as important to “them” as it is to “you?”

And once the biopsy is done, then what? Why is it you’re told it should ONLY be a week before results are back?  A week is a very long time when you’ve been suddenly launched into cancer world.  A week is a lifetime.  And if you’re lucky, it’s a week.  And if it’s not, you don’t want to appear rude, so you patiently wait and don’t call to ask where you results are, right? But then it’s two days more and still no word, so you politely call the doctor.  Still no word and now you’re a little bolder: a little stronger push to find out why those results aren’t back.

All I can say to that is “GO FOR IT.”  Shake the tree.  Step up and let them know it’s been long enough and you need to know NOW.

And this is just the beginning.

It’s all about the waiting…

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