The room was filled….

They kept walking up the stairs.  The faces of a staff of the most talented producers, editors, correspondents and TV techs ever assembled.

They were the past, but they certainly made the present a fun filled night of remembering and catching-up too.

It was a “Nightline” reunion of sorts. Many of those assembled had been to listen to Ted Koppel talk about his new book, ‘Lights Out.” It was the perfect plan to keep the party going by gathering at a near by watering hole in Washington, D.C..  The room was buzzing.

It’s been about ten years since the show, as we remember it, went off the air and even earlier than that when Leroy’s staff started to part ways with the broadcast.  It was such a sad time around our house.  ‘Nightline’ was Leroy’s life.  He worked hard, putting a strong, savvy show on the air very night.  He was proud of his work and was heartbroken when the decision was made to change the broadcast into a tabloid, glitzy magazine show.

So this night was a night for the “newsies” to reconnect.

We all told stories from years ago.  Old newsroom ‘war’ stories always grow in the telling, but they’re still so much fun to remember.  And at it’s loudest, I would stop and look around the room, like an old habit, and listen for his big laugh and hope to catch a glimpse of that 6-foot 5-inch frame towering over every one else.  Where was he?  He should be here somewhere?

He loved these people.  He admired their skills, not to mention their heart; they put so much heart into their work.

The room was filled and yet there was room for one more.

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