An unlimited supply of memories…

The leaves have just about finished falling so my trees are now silhouette’s against the slate blue sky.  No doubt they are napping now, the winds pick-up and the sun makes a short cameo appearance as the daylight hours shorten by the minute.

Fall will turn into winter before we know it.

Where has the year gone?  We are just a few days away from Thanksgiving.

Are you beginning to feel it yet?  The ‘missing your loved one’ part of the holiday?  It happens every year, no matter how many years they’ve been gone.

I write this tonight because I want you all to know I’m feeling it too.  I’m feeling it for those of you who are experiencing this for the first time and also for those of us who are going through it or the fifth time, tenth time or what ever year it is where that chair will be empty at the Thanksgiving table.

I’m decorating the table with old photos this year.  Since there will be two other cancer widows at the table with their kids, I’m asking them to bring family photos.  Our table will be covered with family memories.  I’ve chosen a few classic shots of me and Leroy too.

That’s what Thanksgiving is all about, right?  Giving thanks for what we have and in our case, what we once had.

That chair might be empty, but we have an unlimited supply of memories.


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