Dancing a victory dance…

Anyone who has been a part of this community knows how we’ve shared the highs and lows of cancer struggles.  This disease can force you to your knees.  It has no conscience, it has no sense of right, in fact, it’s just wrong the way it strikes a body then runs away and hides only to return on a whim.  Do I give it too much credit? Do I give it too much control?  Maybe, but I’ve seen it strip away a life only to leave behind loved ones reduced to barely a heart beat.

So, when I am reminded that it can be beaten; that it can be destroyed and that cancer patients can go back to being healthy men and women with full lives, I’m a happy girl.

Such is the case this weekend, in a little mountain town near Pennsylvania  where a young man who not that long ago was shuffling down a hall at the Kimmel Cancer Center after major surgery to remove most of his colon that was filled with cancer, will marry the love of his life.  She is the former care giver who stopped her life to help him pull his back from the brink.  He went through hell with surgery and chemo and radiation and weight loss.  She never allowed him to throw away his hope and together they challenged his cancer and never took a step back.

They will march down the aisle already carrying a full bag of life experiences.  Never have the  words”for better or worse” been so appropriate.

Family and friends, the supporting cast in the cancer portion of this couple’s life will enjoy this event.

It will be a celebration of marriage, of hope, with a little victory dance thrown-in for good measure.

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