Keep the Holidays Near…

So now that we’ve heard from the “experts” about how to handle the Holidays, I’m sure we all have our ways of getting through this time of year, after living in cancer world.

If it’s not a past but a present situation,  take the Holiday spirit with you to the infusion room or into radiation oncology.  So many of the nurses wear Santa’s hats or jingle bells on their shirts, anything to brighten up the place.  You can add your own touch too.  Pop on those headsets and listen to some favorite Christmas music to listen to during chemo.  What better place is there for one of those crazy Christmas sweaters than in the infusion center?   Maybe you have a Holiday blanket that comes out this time every year, bring it along to keep you warm after treatment.

Missing your loved one this time of year?  I can relate.  I’m a big believer in photos from past Holidays.  There’s always a story that goes with an old picture; tell it over and over to friends and family and keep the memory alive.  Plan on making that favorite dish he loved so much.  Put out his stocking.

Keep traditions alive and begin new ones.  It’s the only way to push through this time of year.




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