“,,,by the chimney with care.”

Dear Santa,

First of all, let me tell you, I’m a believer.  I know many out there doubt your existence, but I’ve seen some of your best work and I’ve got your back.

I mean, it was almost eleven years ago when three doctors walked into a hospital room to tell Leroy he would be lucky if he had six months more to live.  They tried to explain to him where the cancer would strike its fatal blow first, since it appeared his cancer had rooted in multiple locations.  I remember one doctor, standing up, hoping the others would follow his cue.  He would tell us he would close the door to the room to allow us to process the news.  Then they walked out.

That tearful event happened a couple of months before Christmas that year, and the upcoming Holidays took-up a lot of space in Leroy’s head.  Christmas and New Year’s were always BIG celebrations around our house.  Cancer changed his views on that: better put, cancer put a damper on those plans.  He would question  out loud, ” Should we get a tree?”  “Maybe we shouldn’t make a big deal about Christmas, because I might not be able to celebrate.”  “I wonder what I’ll feel like by then?”

Long story, short, Santa, we decided it would be even more important if Leroy’s last Christmas was just a few months away.  We did what we always did: Big tree, our typical decorating scenario, with treats and wine, presents, nice dinner, friends over to the house; there were no short cuts.

YOU, Santa, left Leroy his usual mega-chocolate truffles in his stocking that” hung by the chimney with care.”

If I’m not mistaking, you actually signed your name to a few gifts left under the tree too.

And you continued to do good work at our house for a lot of years.  That six month prediction turned into almost 4 years.

You made one very big man a very happy kid Christmas after Christmas.

I know you’ve moved on to other houses now, where other ‘kids’ need you even more, but I want you to know I appreciated how you stopped by the house, boosted our spirits on the night before Christmas and kept the magic of the season alive in our home.

I’m still a believer, and  I still hang the stocking ‘by the chimney with care.’

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