Some gifts don’t need wrapping paper…

It seems our days are filled with so many extra stops when the Holidays roll around.

I wonder why we don’t have more time the rest of the year when we don’t have so many demands on our time?

Hanukkah just ended, so presumably those gift giving requirements are out of the way and most of the latke making is finished.  Christmas is just a few days away so this is crunch time across the board.  Are you making yet another list and “checking it twice?”  Actually, it’s probably time to get what’s on the list, there’s no time to waste.  There are gatherings to get to and cookies to bake, cards to address and holiday dinners to plan too.

So STOP right there.

Let’s all think back to when our lives were a lot more complicated than wrapping-up the Holidays.  Remember when we had to make time for scans and chemo and radiation and following clinical trial protocol?  We had to fit cancer into our Holidays and even if some of us are long past that part of life, it’s still important to stop and remember those who are still going through a very rough patch on the calendar right now.

So reach out to a friend who might be getting out of the hospital this week after a cancer set-back or say a prayer for a pal who needs one more than a new tie.

Cancer and Christmas do not a pair make; remember?

The gift of caring doesn’t need a bow.

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