Missing them…

Yes, I missed him….again.

I’ve missed him every year since he’s been gone.  The Holidays really are some of the hardest days to get through, not because of the obvious part; your loved one isn’t here, but because it’s such a “couple’s” kind of time.

Sure, it’s a family time of year too, but when the family leaves, or the friends toddle out the door after a holiday gathering, who’s left?

And on THE DAY, it’s nice to have a familiar hand to hold or how about connecting to a pair of lips that could change the rhythm of your heart beat?

We all learn to cope with the changes cancer forces on our lives.  Losing a loved one and learning to push through this special time of year takes time and focus and a lot of energy and it’s important to do it.

We have to allow ourselves some sad moments or at least some melancholy ones, but we can’t dwell on the “missing” part.

The experts tells us to make new memories and that’s good advice.  Rewrite what the Holidays used to mean and create new ways to enjoy them.

Let’s face it, the “missing” part will always be there, on Christmas, on New Year’s or on the third Tuesday of March.

It’s how we handle it that makes all the difference in our new lives.

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