“Have you made any resolutions for the New Year?”

The clerk at the grocery store was making small talk to a customer today.  The lady answered with the predictable “going to drop a few pounds,” “go back to the gym,” the usual promises that last a month or so into the new year and then….

I have a dear friend who is in the trenches right now, fighting his cancer that I am sad to say is creeping through his body at alarming speed.

He is resolved to live another day.  He doesn’t really talk about his condition, he rarely complains about the discomfort it is causing him and I’m certain he knows exactly what is happening, but he still resolves to live another day.

This isn’t a New Year’s pledge.  This is a man who will live every day he can because he cherishes his family and appreciates how fragile life really is.  He has amazing grandkids who cling to him every chance they get.  He’s like the Piped Piper when he’s around them: a magical grandpa who will always be there for them.  That’s how they see it.

I look at him and wonder if he knows the lessons he’s teaching all of us who are lucky enough to know him?

He’s a warrior.  He’s teaching us all how to live, even if he’s dying a little day by day.



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