Don’t be afraid to ask for guidance…

Guidance is so important to new cancer patients and their care givers and in the rush of a new diagnosis, it is often overlooked.

ASK for guidance.  ASK to meet with a social worker or nurse navigator who can spend some time to sit down and explain what is going to happen to you as a patient as this cancer journey moves down the road.  I’m not talking about treatment.  Your team of medical experts should walk you through that part and if they don’t ASK them and don’t be shy.

I’m talking about the emotional journey, the physical changes that will take place, the possible side effects and what they will mean to your body and to your soul too. Will you still be ‘you’ or should your care giver look for signs of changes that will happen as your cancer evolves?

There will be highs and lows as scans and test results come and go.  Some will bring new hope and some will bring sadness and fear. These experts, trained in guiding you through these emotions of cancer are great resources of strength at this time.

You are walking on eggshells now; I don’t know anyone who has come off this road without remembering the special nurse or counselor or hospital chaplain who made a difference and pulled them through some hard times.

Just ASK

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