There must be something else…

She’s been through just about every clinical trial known to match her cancer.

It’s been her life line and it’s worked like magic.  Even when her medical team has been on the verge of saying those horrible words, “We don’t have anything else to try,” she’s some how perked up, showed improvement and lived to fight another day, another week, another month.

If her cancer could talk, I have a feeling it would have cried “ENOUGH’ and slithered away beaten and destroyed years ago.

But we all know this disease doesn’t play nice.  It plays nasty and it’s playing dirty with her right now.

Another trial was over, side effects persisted, so while her medical team was working on fixing that, this sneaky cancer with stealth like persistence found new, soft tissue to spread its misery.

So she’s back, gathering her miracle medical team, scanning the trials list, looking for another match.

There must be something else……


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