a long time between treatments….

Some cancer patients get lucky.

They take their medicine. They go through countless chemotherapy and some even slog through radiation that can make them feel cloudy, like they’re moving in slow motion and moody too.  And when months of treatment are complete they get the good news that the cancer is gone.

Their doctors prescribe check-ups every 3 months to start with and if that goes well, it’s stretched out to 6 months and if the cancer still hasn’t shown its ugly face again, yearly exams and life pretty much resumes the way it was B.C.

Most patients are pretty good about staying true to these prescribed check-ups. It makes sense considering one of the rules of success in cancer world is to catch it early.  IF there is a recurrence, better to see it on a scan ASAP, rather than ignore a constant back pain or nagging cough or something that might scream “I’m back.”

I bring this up as a reminder to those of you who were lucky.  Stay that way and be true to your calendar.

If there’s a check-up date circled on your calendar, make that appointment. Get that scan or blood test or whatever it is you need to watch out for any little hiccup that caught early, could mean the difference between life and death.

I know it’s been a long time between treatments and your brain is recalling all those days and nights of feeling badly but don’t let that sway your decision.  It’s not OK to miss just one.

Too many family and friends want you around.  You make a difference in our lives.


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