Fight, fight, fight…..

YOU can never give up.

Elizabeth Edwards used to tell Leroy, “Just live one more day.  That could be the day there’s a breakthrough in colon cancer.”

And she was right on the money.

Not only is it important to have your checkups but it’s just as important to drill your doctor to find out what’s new on the treatment landscape.

There are so many new ways to treat cancer now, some are still on the lab bench but they come by way of clinical trials, so they could be available.  It’s so worth asking about.  It’s okay to be pushy, to dig, to demand they search for the newest, most state of the art technique.  This is your life and if you’re going to fight for it, you might as well fight with the latest protocol.

They always say quality of life is more important that quantity, but why not strive for both.

If it turns out your cancer gets the upper hand, there are experts to deal with that too.

But where’s there HOPE, there’s strength and a willingness to challenge this disease.

Go for it.

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