Stay close….

The uncertainty when the cancer moves to places where it begins to look like domino’s falling in a long, snake-like line.

The first one hits the next one and that one isn’t quite strong enough so it falls over on the next one and so it goes.

With cancer, it might be an obstruction, that can be ‘fixed’ by a tube, but then the tube gets clogged and an infection begins, that generates a fever,and while the medical team is working on putting out that problem, no one is watching the cancer and then the kidneys begin to falter because the cancer has been allowed to move freely,  and so it goes.

The patient becomes weaker by the hour, even with all the medical attention.  It’s not their fault, they’ve been a fighter from the beginning, but the cancer load is heavy.

What’s a care giver to do?  You’ve done your best work, caring and loving for your patient.  What’s a care giver to do NOW?

I can only offer up this advice: STAY CLOSE.

Hold tight to your loved ones’ hand.

Let them know how much they are loved.

Let them know how much they are loved.


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