A Care giver’s bag…

When cancer gets tough, caregivers get tougher.

It’s our time to dig deep into our tool bags and find that smile we had saved for this kind of day.  Remember those assuring words we knew we’d need at some point in this journey?  They are in that bag too; somewhere in a zippered pouch waiting for just the time to use them.

The magic foot rub: when all the stress that cancer creates is reaching overload;  got to find that soothing, scented lotion that brings deep, relaxing breaths.  It’s in there somewhere.

A washcloth to rinse away days in a hospital bed or old photographs of better times with family and friends to make the cancer go away for a while.

A care giver’s bag is not to be shared; one size does not fit all.  On the contrary, each care giver is unique, their tools are honed with their patient in mind.

A care giver’s bag is made with love.





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