“It torments the young and terrorizes the old.”

That’s the opening line of a front page article in today’s Washington Post about loneliness.

It’s considered, according to this piece, to be a public health hazard: no, a “SERIOUS public health hazard.”

Scientists say they have identified links between loneliness and illness.  They go so far as to say that” social isolation changes the human genome in profound, long-lasting ways.”

So I’m asking, what’s a cancer care giver/ survivor to do when you find yourself alone after losing a loved one?   What do you do when the “two” turns into a “one” not because you wanted it that way, but because a horrible disease broke that “two” into pieces?

Now you tell us not only are we left to pick-up the pieces, tidy up what was left behind and neatly fold it away in a memory box of some sort, but along the way, be sure we quickly find new ways to fill the void, “be social,”  because our genome is changing and it’s sending us down the path of poor health and an early grave.

Loneliness: a byproduct of cancer’s wrath is now a lot scarier than we ever imagined.



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