The warrior, the hero.

I’ve written about her so many times.

She was defiant when it came to her cancer.  It would show its face somewhere in her body and she would say “NOT HERE.  I’ll show you who’s boss.” And she’d follow her medical team to the land of clinical trials and they’d put her on a trial that would send that cancer back into hiding.

It would stay in full retreat and this strong, determined woman would go on with her life.  NO cancer was going to dictate how she would live.

This happened over and over and over again.  Her doc’s were in awe of this walking, talking genome of medical strength.

She was paying it forward, while enjoying the success of these new drug combos that gave her a present.

I called her a warrior.  I thought of her as a hero.

She’s struggling now.  Some of her vital organs are showing signs of a long battle coming to an end.  Her cancer waited for an opening and took it and she’s paying with her life.

She’s still a proud warrior in my book and I’ll always consider her to be a hero.

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