The Angels on Bles 2…

They make all the difference in a patients’ day.

Some of them are so business like, they forget there’s a living, breathing person attached to that arm they just happen to be injecting.

Others are like a family member.  Warm, caring, always a smile and friendly “hello” before proceeding with whatever it is they have to do.

That’s the way it is in my friend’s room.  He was transferred back to a familiar floor so the nurses practically mobbed him with each shift change.  “Welcome back, I’m so glad to see you.”  “If you have to be here, I’m so glad you’re here with me.”  “I’m your night nurse, we’re going to be fine.”

So some of the nicest, concerned nurses on the planet are taking care of him.  They explain every step of every shot he’s getting.  IF there’s a change in dosage, before he gets it, they explain why and how he might be effected by it.  They even keep a running tab of each medicine by time and dose on his wall.  It gives his family an instant update on where he is on his meds, he knows, and the nurses do too.

They come into his room to bring him new socks.  They attend to his needs for ice and water.  And they smile and never forget to talk about anything but his cancer.  They do what they can to keep cancer out of the room.

The angels on Bles 2.  I salute you.

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