A Warrior Resting…

Cancer may have taken her life, but I guarantee you, she’s taken some of the life out of cancer.  What she left behind for her doctor’s to use in their research and lab work will no doubt save lives and open new doors to cancer treatment.

This was a woman who paid it forward in a big way.  When she was diagnosed almost three years ago, there wasn’t a lot of standard treatment recommended for her.  The shelf was pretty much empty except for some clinical trials that she gladly accepted.  She had an attitude about cancer that was unique.  She accepted the fact that she had it; she knew it was going to be a hard journey, but she decided early on if cancer was going to be hard on her, she would ‘give as good as she got.’

Over and over again, her response to these clinical trials was unbelievable.  The cancer would retreat.  Some of her scans over these years were clean; not a sign of the disease that would eventually come back only to be hit again with another trial.  And so it went and with each success, her resolve got stronger too.

I would like to imagine, that where ever her cancer was hiding, it was frustrated, angry and discouraged that it had been stymied so many times.

Clearly, her body took the hit from all these trials, so when this final assault of cancer cells pushed through her, there was no stopping the damage.  The cancer load was more than she could deflect.

But cancer didn’t win.  It just took advantage of a weakened warrior.

This warrior left behind a legacy of data and knowledge to be studied and shaped into cancer treatments for those who will come after her.  She will be missed by family and friends forever, but she will be appreciated by so many who never even knew her, but will benefit from the way she chose to meet her cancer head-on.

This warrior can rest in peace.


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