Home Sweet Home

Do you have any idea how much stuff one can collect in a hospital room after a long stay?

A ton of things that seem to multiply overnight.

And it’s not easy to keep track of everything because it’s not just one long vigil, one room.  There are unforeseen emergencies that move you from an oncology floor to an ICU.  Once the intensive care is over, the patient is stabilized, it’s back to the cancer floor.  Now it’s a different room and not everything makes the move.  Why is it chargers get left behind or small good luck charms run out of luck and fail to make the move?

Such was the case the other day with a friend of mine who finally, after a month in the hospital got the green light to go home.

This meant packing up and it was an ‘all-call’ to his family.  They filled backpacks and bags with clothing, slippers, electronics and the grandkids artwork.  It was like moving out of an apartment instead of a hospital room.

But now he’s home.  Back in his man cave with his dog, his own bed, the birds he loves to watch on the feeders outside and best of all, the grandkids and their artwork.

Home Sweet Home….ahhh!

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