Happiness is the Cancer Center in your rear view mirror…

The two of them had stepped into the elevator before I got there and the door was already in the process of closing.  You know how elevator doors are supposed to reopen, but that doesn’t always happen the way it should? So the man inside held the door and I hurried in only to be greeted by two smiling visitors to the cancer center.

“What level is the car on?” the woman asked.  “Beats me” the man answered.  “I think we were all the way down on the bottom level,” he added.  Since that’s the level I always park on, I pushed the 3 button.  I asked if it would help to stop at the other two floors, but they said no, they’d find their car.

They seemed so relaxed and there was no sign of stress that usually comes with visits to this place.  So I said, “OK, seems like you guys have it handled.”

They laughed and almost in unison, they said, “This is it, we are done with this place.  A clean bill of health, no more coming back here.” “We’ll take our time finding the car and then drive away.”

How much better does it get? A cancer free card and slow drive home, once you’ve found the car.


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