Ripples of memories…

“His pebble continues to make ripples.”

That’s how someone described Leroy’s lasting impression around the cancer center.

It appeared to be true, yet again, when the other day I was reaching out to a particular oncology nurse who guides patients involved in clinical trials.  One of her patients will be a participant in an educational video project I’m producing for the Kimmel Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins.

It has been 7 1/2 years plus 7 days that Leroy died from his colon cancer.  We met and were attended to by so many incredible nurses during his treatment time at Hopkins that I can’t remember them all.  What I do remember is how gifted and special each one was with their care toward him.

So when the call went in to this particular nurse who will be involved in this project, it was mentioned I would be working with her.  There wasn’t a second of hesitation when she responded “I remember Leroy so well.”  “I remember Laurie, I’m on my way to meet you.”

When she got to our meeting place, it was hugs and flushed faces and memories of days in the infusion room. It all came flooding back in waves. It was so good to see her again and we exchanged a few stories.  I told her it was hard to erase those size 13 footsteps he left behind in these halls of the cancer center.

She’s seen hundreds if not thousands of patients since our days in the chemo room, but some how that pebble continues to generate ripples of memories not to be forgotten.


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