It’s hard to go there…

He has the type of cancer that can be “watched.”

He’d had some treatment and it seemed to do the trick, so his doctor told him they’d keep a close watch on things, hoping that the remission would last for a while.

Not long enough.  It was scan’s day and we all know scans don’t hold back bad news.  The cancer was back.  The tumors had grown and now there was new evidence of spread.  Even his lymph nodes showed how the cancer was poised to strike even more parts of his body.

His doctor was calm and direct and with little emotion, so as not to cause alarm, talked about the findings.  The patient sat quietly and listened.  His spouse took it like a jolt of lightning.  Her emotions seemed to surprise him and he immediately comforted her.  His emotions stayed in-check; not a whisper of reaction.

Speaking from experience, and remembering back to these ‘scan days’ I seem to remember how our emotions would differ like that too.

It was just so hard to go there; to go to the bad news page of cancer.  Some days you have no choice.

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