Good Fortune?

The words on the little strip of paper said “You will spend old age in comfort and material wealth.”  There was a smiling face that followed the message.

It’s a nice thought and very different from the usual fortune cookie messages I usually get; most always say “Clean the house” or “For a happy house, vacuum often.”

It got me wondering what would be the perfect fortune cookie message for a cancer patient waking up daily to the strain of treatment, the worries of surviving, or the concern of loved ones who are carrying the load of caregiving?

It certainly wouldn’t have a time stamp of any kind.  The future is ‘now’ for cancer patients, even if their cancer is caught early and treated successfully.

Comforting thoughts could be useful.  Any way a cancer patient is comforted in battle is welcomed.

Thoughts of family and support would probably be best.  That’s a combination that helps all cancer patients.

The worst would be “Have a nice day.”  I hope that cookie was crushed long ago.

“Be warmed by the sun, free from pain, with loved ones surrounding you.”  Now, that’s good fortune.

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