You just miss them….

It doesn’t have to be the ‘Holiday Season’ to miss them.

In fact, some one I know who lost her husband a few years ago, says it isn’t Christmas or New Year’s or his birthday, when she misses him the most. It’s the things that happen throughout the year when she wishes he was here.  It could be a college parents weekend, when she’s alone with her daughter and he’s not there.  It could be a baseball game, when her son pitches so well and she knows he would be so proud of his son, but he’s not there.

Could be a song on the radio that jolts a memory in her mind or she’s eating his favorite dessert and he’s not here to reach over with his fork and take the last bite.

The experts tell us to keep the traditions that you cannot do without and alter the ones that overwhelm you with sadness.

Remember that grief affects you physically as well as emotionally, so get plenty of sleep, exercise and eat well.

The bottom line: Try the suggestions and attempt to make new memories along the way.  But you will miss them, there’s no getting around it.

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