I listened…again.

His podcasts were full of wisdom.  He was living with cancer and he somehow was able to take that experience and put it into words.

He connected with others going through the same thing he was going through and for many of them, his words helped them get over the obstacles they couldn’t maneuver by themselves.

For me, listening to those recordings, hearing his voice again, oddly, calmed me.

I went back to some of his first NPR podcasts when his voice was still determined and full of hope.  He talked about the inconveniences cancer made on his daily life, but that’s all it was at that time.  He still had defiance in his voice.  I liked hearing that.  I liked hearing the “get out of my way cancer, I don’t have time for you in my busy schedule” message.

Late in 2007 and early 2008 the words were still there, the message wasn’t quite as unyielding because he’d had many setbacks and the cancer was moving.  He felt its powerful grip.

He became the voice of cancer victims who were facing death.  Even with that heavy cloak to bear, he remained strong in his message.   He even devoted an entire podcast to ponder what his funeral would be like.  BRAVE

It was always about the message in these personal offerings.

To hear them again, it was all about the man and voice for this listener.

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