She’s got the ‘power’

She’s tall, gorgeous, cover girl material, and can’t do chemo with out her stiletto’s on her feet.  She says they bring her ‘power.” Any one who has ever had chemotherapy knows that what ever brings control and power into that scenario you hold onto with everything you’ve got.

She’s wearing her big blue framed glasses this month during her treatment time when computer work goes along with the anti-nausea injections and chemo drips because it’s colon cancer awareness month and blue is the color for that. She talks to anyone and everyone in the infusion room and they all know her and love it when she walks into the room….wearing those 4 inch heels.

At the other end of her body is nothing at all.  Her hair never got the chance to fall out because she shaved her head; never allowing the cancer to dictate to her, when she would go bald: more power.  And she’s perfectly comfortable without a wig because she’s so stunning, the slight hint of hair on her scalp just adds to her look.

She calmed an older female patient who was so upset about the prospect of losing her hair and she was so successful that the next time the two met in the chemo room, her new friend couldn’t wait to whip-off her hat to show her that she too had shaved her head; spreading the power.

The way she looks at it, “You have to live with cancer, not die with it.”

There’s power in her thinking.



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