This robber, this cheat…

It’s doing it again. Unfortunately, I’ve watched this behavior before, from a front row seat and all I can do is silently scream “UNFAIR.”

The cancer doesn’t care: It doesn’t listen. It moves in the shadows and delights in the pain and suffering that goes along with taking another victim.  This is a malady that shows no mercy.  Patient, care giver, family members, friends: everyone is touched by this robber, this cheat.

It is taking control of a family right now who has fought side by side their loved one since last July.  They’ve been aggressive in their battle from all fronts.  Family and friends, we’ve all been by their side, in the good and the bad.  Now, it’s the cancer who is running the show and it’s robbing and cheating.

It’s robbing the family of their loved one.  They can only watch this decline of the husband/dad and grandfather they care for so much.  The drugs that once ruled over his cancer have been replaced by palliative care and love that now provide comfort and peace.

In his healthier years, this man traveled the world.  He never stopped learning, reading, expanding his knowledge on so many topics.  We could talk news, world events, politics, sports; there wasn’t a topic he didn’t have an opinion about or knowledge of and we shared in the love of Mexican food too.  There are so many of us who are being cheated out of so many more years of great times over chips and salsa and fish tacos.


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