When is a spot just a spot?

Four years ago a routine breast exam turned into a double mastectomy.  Her doctor told her no need for chemo or radiation. She went with that recommendation and then followed with physical therapy, a new, healthy diet and the healing commenced.

As hard as it was, she went about life and work, trying every day to put those many weeks of cancer behind her.  And she did it.

You know how it is, though, there’s always that little voice miles away that drifts in once in a while with the words, “Will it ever come back?”  She’s even asked if it does, where does her particular cancer show its face?

A recent pneumonia landed her in the hospital and with that came a chest x-ray and with that came the red flag.  The docs were looking at her lungs, but then they noticed that shady spot on her spine.  So this is where it comes back?

She had to recover before there was any talk of biopsy, but in her mind, she was already there.  The anticipation of what was to be was driving her crazy.  It’s a cancer patient’s worse fear and her mind was on free-run.

There is no such thing as a fast pathology report, especially when you’re counting the seconds for the results.  It must have been excruciating for her, except for the fact that when the news came that the shady spot was benign, I guess you could say it was worth the wait.

The spot was, just a spot.  Not a spot that held new cancer and new challenges.

Back to that healthy diet and new healing and more appreciation of life.

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