Step by step, she’s whole again…

It’s been more than days, more than weeks, more than months.  It’s been over a year since her diagnosis of breast cancer.

She pushed through surgery and radiation and chemo. She was looking pretty frail for a while and her healthy skin tones faded to a pale dusty white.  In other words, she looked like a woman who had cancer.  “HAD” is the right word here, because she is cancer free and after last week, with a final reconstruction surgery, she is whole again too.

This is a strong, determined woman.  She never gave-in to her cancer; at least not outside the warmth of her family and home.  If I were to guess, there were some tough days and nights following treatment.  But she kept to herself and soldiered through the worst of it.

She’s a warrior to me.  A strong, champion warrior.

I see her now, top down in her convertible, always a high-five wave over the top of her windshield. And even if it’s just a glimpse of that face, I see rosy cheeks that surround that familiar smile.  She’s back!

She’s whole again.

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