Immunotherapy, it seems so logical

Everywhere you look these days, there it is, making headlines in cancer world, that word “Immunotherapy.”

The end of March marked the dedication of the Bloomberg/Kimmel Immunotherapy Institute at the Kimmel Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins.  Just a couple of days ago, tech legend, Sean Parker plunked down a cool 25 million to fund the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy based in San Francisco.

Immunotherapy….what the heck is it?  To simplify this so that we can all understand it, and I apologize to the wizards at the lab bench who have made gigantic strides in this field, but to put it simply, it’s basically using the body’s immune system to fight and attack an individuals cancer.

Many of those who lead the field in this newest protocol, call it a “game changer.”  Clinical trials have shown some remarkable results.  Should we get excited?  Should we REALLY get excited?

How many years have we heard from the experts that eventually we would get to this point?  It seems so logical that a person’s immune system would hold the secret to killing cancer.  To find the exact equation that turns-on that pathway appears to be on the horizon.

It’s seems so logical, but then we all know, there’s nothing logical about killing cancer.



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