The intense missing…

There is no to telling how the missing will present itself.  It’s coupled with the grief and it’s a mixture so intense after a long battle with cancer, it’s a wait and see phase after such a big loss.

Some families stick to each other like glue, thinking one will take the burden off the others.  Some go just the opposite direction and scatter to the wind, preferring to grieve on their own.

But what if it’s a split decision?  Where does that leave us?

There’s no real resolution to this question.  It causes such heartache inside a family unit that was unbreakable during the cancer journey.  They worked together every step of the way.  They closed ranks when a crisis would come up and they laughed together when lighter moments meant exhaling, even if it was just for a few minutes.

Now, this unit is shattered.  The core of this family is gone.  If he were here, he’d be unhappy with what’s going on and he’d call the family together and tell them to stop being selfish and reunite.  I can hear him strongly suggesting they all lean on each other because these are tough days and no one can make them even close to normal again, until this family locks arms again for a different fight.

This is the fight to survive without their leader: without their anchor.

You can’t let this intense missing destroy what once was a strong family.  That gives cancer another win, and that can’t happen.

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