The Giving Gene….

Tis the season…for giving in cancer world.

Have you been paying attention?

Recently, at Johns Hopkins The Bloomberg/Kimmel Institute for Immunotherapy was dedicated at a ceremony that included Vice President Biden.  Michael Bloomberg and Sidney Kimmel, two of cancer’s biggest philanthropists led the way: each donating 50 million dollars.  Immunotherapy will alter the course of cancer care and this institute will help make those changes.

Next, enter Sean Parker, the Facebook and Napster phenom, announcing in April that he was creating the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy and he did it by donating $250 million dollars that will bring together six leading cancer centers charged with developing ways to unleash our immune systems in the fight against cancer.

Just the other day, the Johns Hopkins Greenberg Bladder Cancer Institute was dedicated. Erwin and Stephanie Greenberg made a multi-million dollar donation to fund one of the “forgotten cancers,” that being bladder cancer.  The institute is the first of its kind and will bring a better understanding of this cancer and how best to treat it.

And then there’s you and me.  We give too.  Probably not in the millions like some, but our checks count too.  They count for a lot because we’ve been where our checks are going.  We’ve been on the other side of cancer.  The side where we wish the immunotherapy had come around a few years earlier.  And we wish that research had pushed out effective clinical trials sooner too. We wish that the standard of care had been a little more advanced so that our loved ones would have had more time with us.

But that’s why we give and that’s why we have hope.  We are among those who carry the ‘giving gene.’


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