Do we get it ?

There are so many phases of the cancer journey.

“You have cancer.” The minute you hear those words, the world changes.  Phase One: processing that sentence.  Do we get it?  Do we understand what that means?  We think we do, but once you’re inside cancer world, it becomes clear very quickly, we didn’t get it.  We didn’t have a clue what that meant.

Then we move into the scans, the biopsies, the blood work, and that leads to the plan and then to the treatment phase.  By now we have a medical “team” who we hope is communicating with one another so the plan is a successful one.  Along the way we’ve picked up a whole new vocabulary of words we never knew existed but if we’re going to keep up with the plan, our new words are a must have.  Do we get it yet?  We think we do, but we’re beginning to wonder if we’ll ever get a real grip on this ordeal.  I guess that’s Phase Two.

The treatment plan is hard.  Some times the side effects are rougher than the treatment.  Some times there’s surgeries to deal with or procedures we could never imagine to keep our loved ones alive.  They go through so much just to live another day.  We stand by with our love and our support and we think we’re advocating for all the right moves, but there are days and many nights when we wonder to ourselves, “Do we get it?” Phase Three is a hard phase.

Through it all, we try our best: NO, we try much harder than our best, but we can’t change the final phase.  Phase Four is unimaginable.  The loss is so great.  We followed the plan, we had faith in our “team” and they worked so hard not to get to Phase Four.  We appreciate their effort beyond words but it still ended badly.  Phase Four is unimaginable.

Did we ever get it?  I think so.




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