Pay attention….

Consider this a sharing moment.

There are many of us out there who were care givers to our metastatic cancer loved ones.  Mine happened to be my husband who through out his entire adult life was an awesome television news producer.  I tell you this because that meant his job put him in spots where he needed to be in control and ready for just about anything as he produced stories all over the world.  He was really good at taking control and he did this around the house too.  He hired well.

I never paid much attention to this because he handled this stuff: but when his cancer started to take him out of the day to day decisions because the cancer decisions were more important, I found myself sliding into a new role.

He saw this change too and began, what I look back now and think was my tutorial on hiring and caring for things around the house, or with the cars or just some basic life decisions too.  He was subtle because I too, am a television news producer, with all of those same traits,  so he knew better than to push too hard.  You know what, it worked.  At least some of it did because just today when a workman came to do some repairs at the house, I remembered back to a Leroy teaching moment.

He would get a chuckle out of today’s blog.  He’d never think I would admit to this, but I am.  I was paying attention!


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