Some have that something ‘special’

We’ve all talked about how special some of our experiences have been with certain nurses as we made our way through cancer world.  As much as we’d like to say ALL of our nurses were special, SOME really made an impact on our lives during the battle and some have even stayed in our lives long after the cancer fight was over.  Those are the really special ones.

The same goes for our doctors.  In our case, Leroy and I had a pretty big team of docs who jockeyed in and out of our lives. A very few were constant day to day connections.   I mean it’s been close to 8 years since Leroy died from colon cancer.  So I know a special doctor when I see one.  He has helped friends of mine who have suffered with cancer.  He has been my constant cancer consultant, when I have questions about the disease. When I hear about something new on the treatment horizon, I always ask him if this would have given Leroy, more quality of life, more years.  In the past, he would usually nod “no” and we’d move on from there, but now with Immunotherapy and his type of colon cancer being one with multiple mutations, he actually said “maybe” which allowed me many follow up questions.  We were lucky to have found such a truly caring physician and I’m so very lucky to be able to call him a friend now.

Such is the case with a very talented and dedicated Pancreas Cancer physician and researcher.  She got into the business of Pancreas cancer back in 1986 when her uncle was diagnosed with the disease.  He was basically sent home with pain meds because there was nothing for him.  Treatment was just not available then.  He died in three months and she told me
“that was just not acceptable.”  So she went to work on this brutal form of cancer.  She’s one of the reasons there has been progress and many discoveries made on this type of cancer.  She’s front and center in the clinical trials world and pancreas cancer is in big trouble thanks to her lab.

She told me the other day, her goal is to “get something I’ve developed into standard of care for Pancreatic cancer patients. That’s the ultimate goal. I will feel like I have contributed to patients and to science.”

She’s another ” something special” one.

There are plenty of “OK” docs out there. Some “special” ones fill a smaller list, but then there are those who have that “something special.”

Don’t settle for anything less.  They change the world.


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