Care givers…care

None of us really knew what we were doing when we became “care givers.” At least I didn’t so I’m speaking for myself and thinking there are a few of you out there who would agree with me.

A metastatic cancer diagnosis is a hard sentence to accept.  Some care givers, like myself again, start with a tool box only slightly full.  We have most of the right words to say, we find ways to provide comfort on days when our loved ones can’t get comfortable, we find our strong face on treatment days and our hopeful face on scanning days.  Some how those items come, neatly folded and ready to wear with your care giver tool box.

I know our lives are changed in the present and in the future, but remember what our loved ones are going through: it’s much worse for them.  Cancer hurts.  Treatment is hard.  End of life is a constant thought.

So when we, the care givers, begin to feel the weight of care giving, HOLD THAT THOUGHT.

Dig deep into that tool box and find what you need to mask that notion.  There’s something in there: something you’ve been keeping fresh for just this moment.  Or maybe this isn’t the first time you’ve needed it.

And consider who you’re wearing it for.


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