“Cancer” in my yard?

My neighbor Susan spotted it first.  She pointed to what looked like Indian corn growing amongst the leaves and twigs in my yard.  The more we looked the more we saw, it’s everywhere.

It’s not Indian corn, it’s called “American cancer root.”  That’s right, of all the places a plant with the name “cancer root” has decided to grow, it has chosen my yard.

According to the USDA Forest Service, cancer root is a parasitic plant that grows when it can attach to a root system of certain oak trees. I have many beautiful oak trees.  It usually finds the perfect conditions to grow in the Eastern half of the United States and in Canada.

The description and explanation of this plant is extensive on the website.  What I really wanted to know was why do they call it “cancer root?”  The best they can do to answer that is to say “the name may simply stem from the parasitic growth form of the plant in general.”  “There is no scientific evidence that it has any cancer prevention or cancer causing properties.”

“Cancer root” appears to be a question-mark in the plant community.  That alone should allow it entrance into the cancer community. Don’t worry and visit us at spielautomaten




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