Life HAS to go on…

Losing a loved one to cancer and life stops.  Life has been altered dramatically for a long time, because the diagnosis of metastatic disease means changing routines and adapting to a new routine that means doctors and hospital visits and losing control of what was probably a pretty nice life.

But when the disease moves in mysterious ways and the load on the body is just too much to handle and death reaches out: life just stops.  Families mourn.  Everyone mourns differently and sometimes we scatter because it’s such a personal loss;  the hole left in each heart requires a unique kind of healing.  Sometimes we just need to do that alone.

So, when the scattered parts reunite to become a family again, each heart has begun to heal and the unit that stayed together during the journey finds themselves as one, again.

Life begins to take shape.  Old routines are gone, but new ones begin and they make memories; new memories that will build new family albums.

Life HAS to go on.  It’s the only way we came make it.

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