It’s a Birthday Party…

They’re eating chocolate up around Boston, drinking Havana Club down South, out on the Coast, cheeseburgers and hot fudge sundaes are on the menu.  A friend in New York City is raising a glass or two of chardonnay.

Today is Leroy’s birthday.

In Austria, Leroy’s tree is in full bloom.  It’s a strong, healthy Red Oak that sits on a mountain top and thrives; providing protection and shade to those who need it, just like it’s namesake did.

We would probably be sitting down tonight, to a wonderful dinner of Chicken Vindaloo, Alu Paratha and a couple of ice cold Kingfisher’s to cool down the amazing Indian spices.  Leroy loved Indian food.  It was his go-to Birthday dinner choice.

Look around today and if you think you see an unusual number of folks wearing Hawaiian shirts, they’re probably just remembering a big guy, who loved life, had a big laugh, and had a fondness for Hawaiian shirts.  He also just happened to have the gift of message.  In the midst of a life crisis called metastatic colon cancer, he reached beyond his own dilemma to guide and comfort those who didn’t have the words or wherewithal to navigate cancer world alone.

He had a long reach and he loved a good party.

Happy Birthday Leroy.





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