My pal, Max

He’s always prancing when I see him on the street.  He’s a very proud walker, so prancing suits him perfectly.  His black, curly fur is beginning to show signs of gray because he’s not a puppy anymore, but don’t tell him that: in his mind he’ll always be the unruly, happy-go-lucky 6 week old standard poodle who rules my street.

A couple of weeks ago he was out walking with his ‘mom’ and she told me about a little sore he had between his toes on his front left paw.  She had cleaned it well and he hadn’t paid too much attention to it, so it was a “no big deal.”  Max hadn’t missed a step; he was still moving straight and fast up the street.

A few days later when I saw him, he had a huge shaved spot on his body and few stitches were visible on his skin.  That “no big deal” sore spot on his paw was more of a “deal” and the vet had taken a biopsy of it and he’d also found a lump on his back.  Those stitches were the remnants of that biopsy.

So now, we’re in this wait and see stage.  The vet told Max’s mom, he couldn’t say what this tissue would show until the lab results were back.  “It could take as long as a week” she said.

So the wait is on.  Just like any patient in the same situation.  Is it cancer?  That’s what Max’s mom and dad are worried about and who can blame them?  And why does it always take so long to find out the results of the biopsy?

Wait and worry and hope all will be OK….with our beloved people and with our beloved pets too,  cancer holds us hostage.

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