“You’re good to go…”

Living with cancer: what does that really mean?

An old friend had a diagnosis of breast cancer last year.  She had a digital mammography and her doctor told her that was the only reason they found it.  He said it had been in a spot that was hard to spot and the digital picture enhanced the area and allowed for the diagnosis.

She went through surgery and treatment but she would not allow it to make a dent in her travel plans.  She is a traveler extraordinaire.  She and her husband have their spots around the world where they have made beautiful memories over the years and cancer was not going to rearrange those plans.  Her medical team told her to be prepared to maybe miss a few of those places this year.  They didn’t know who they were dealing with…

So now it’s been a year and it was time for her check-up.  They planned to come off the road just in time for my friend to make her appointment.  She’s been “living with cancer” or “without it” and now it was time to find out which door would open, post-scan.

I got her email saying N-E-D the other day.  The results of the scan came right after her birthday.  “You’re good to go” or words to that effect, said the doc.

The luggage is already packed.  See ya later cancer.

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